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My Next Phone

A bunch of new devices have launched recently with more to come soon and that leaves me conflicted. I “need” a new phone. I don’t really need one, but I want one. I’m sick of my Thunderbolt. I need the extended battery for it which just makes it clunky, and Sense is just pissing me off. So here is my dilemma: What phone do I spring for? I don’t have an upgrade, I already have an iPhone 4S, and need to stick with Verizon. I have yet to use WebOS or Windows Phone, so I would really like to try them, but nothing on Verizon’s current lineup appeals to me in those platforms. So I am left with either, a dumbphone (not happening), or Android. Now that leaves me with three options without keyboards. I only want a full touch phone, as they tend to be slimmer. I could get the Motorola DROID RAZR, which is super slick, but I can’t replace the battery, it has a ton of bloatware, it has MotoBlur, and most importantly its bootloader is locked. My other option for a currently available device is getting the HTC Rezound, which isn’t as slim, has Sense, also has a ton of bloatware, but it has a removable battery and beats audio. As I said before, I am sick of Sense, so thats already a minus in the Rezound’s direction. I haven’t experienced the newest version of MotoBlur, but the locked bootloader is a deal breaker for me. So out goes the RAZR. I do have one more choice though, and that is the still unreleased Samsung Galaxy Nexus. With stock Google, an unlocked bootloader, and Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), baked in, it is the clear leader on my list. There is just one problem, I want a new phone NOW, and the Nexus is not released, and we don’t even have a confirmed release date from Verizon. I can’t make this decision on my own, so please help me out and let me know which phone you think I should get. Should I get the Rezound tomorrow, or wait for the Galaxy Nexus?